Can You Eat Healthy When Utilizing Dollar Day Sales?

Whether or not you can eat healthy while utilizing dollar day sales depends on what the store is offering up. It is always worth it to check the sales out, because you never know what they might include.

Examples of Healthier Dollar Day Foods

canned peas (2 for $1)

Canned carrots (2 for $1)

cucumbers (2 for $1)

1 dozen eggs

1 pound baby carrots (2 for $1)

oranges (3 for $1)

grapefruit (2 for $1)

Lemon (3 for $1)

Limes (2 or 3 for $1)

bananas (3 pounds for $1)

baked beans, if your diet allows for this (2 for $1)

canned pears (2 for $1)

canned peaches (2 for $1)

canned pineapple (2 for $1)

(Update January 2017: When updating this list to use healthier foods, it was cut drastically. You can’t always find many healthier foods at dollar day prices, but keep an eye out just in case. Get the extra, and store them in the pantry or freeze to use later.)

There are many things that can be made with these items, providing you have other healthy staples on hand.

Ideas for Using Foods from Dollar Day Sales


  • Smoothies
  • Omelets
  • Eggs with a fruit salad


  • Fruit parfaits
  • Paleo ice cream


  • Baked beans with a side salad
  • A simple vegetable soup

I’m sure you can come up with other ideas as well.

I usually have little bits of leftovers from these meals, which are frozen whenever possible. Any freezer plan site will be able to tell you what can and cannot be frozen. Even if there is just 1 or 2 teaspoons of vegetables or meat, I freeze them for soups or casseroles later on. A few chunks of fruit can go into a fruit mix-up bag for smoothies later on.

Warmest Wishes,


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