Tomato Soup Idea #2

I wanted share another soup idea with you today, again using tomato soup as the base. Tomato soup is high in sodium, so you may want to try to find a brand with less sodium for optimal health effects.

I regularly come up with ideas for making soup more wholesome. I do this very cheaply, either by using leftovers or by purchasing items on sale. Sometime, the entire meal is free. This happens when everything has come from the food cupboard and/or friends or my garden.

Tomato soups are easy to make

Try this variation:

1 can tomato soup

1 can milk or water


celery, diced

  1. If you don’t want the celery to be crunchy, then sauté it in a skillet with EVOO until almost the desired tenderness.
  2. Pour the can of tomato soup into a sauce pan.
  3. Add 1 can of water or milk alternative, the peas, and the celery to the pan.
  4. Cook until the soup is the desired temperature.
  5. Pour into soup bowls or mugs, and serve.


  • Try various vegetable combinations to find your favorites.

Serving suggestions

What interesting things do you add to your tomato soup?


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