Tomato Soup Idea #3

You may realize by now that we love tomato soup. It’s great on the chillier days that we’re still having, especially after a walk or yard work.

I regularly come up with ideas for making soup more wholesome. I do this very cheaply, either by using leftovers or by purchasing items on sale. Sometime, the entire meal is free. This happens when everything has come from the food cupboard and/or friends or my garden.

Tomato soups are easy to make

1 can tomato soup

1 can milk or water

cucumber, diced

tomatoes, diced

fresh basil, chopped

  1. Make the soup according to the directions on the can.
  2. Pour into a soup bowl or a mug.
  3. Top with the diced vegetables and the fresh basil.
  4. Serve.

The vegetables added to not always need to be hot, and this was a pleasant variation.


  • Try other vegetable combinations, remembering that you don’t always have to cook the add-ins.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve soups with a side salad for more of a nutritional kick.

What interesting things do you add to your tomato soup?


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