Black Tea

NOTE: You should never add milk or any other dairy products to tea. The dairy dissolves any benefits derived from the beverage.

Black tea is a very common tea these days. The tea-plant grows in a few different places, including Africa, Japan and China. Black tea does have low levels of caffeine, but not as much as coffee.

Black tea has just as many health benefits as green tea does, according to the research that has been being done.

Some of the the health benefits of drinking black tea are

  • Helps with viruses of the mouth.
  • Sooths diarrhea.
  • Helps with pneumonia.
  • Antioxidants in the tea may help to prevent some types of cancer.
  • Helps to prevent heart disease.
  • Helps to lessen the likely hood of tooth decay.
  • Helps metabolism rates.
  • Sooths arthritis.

I enjoy black tea very much. It is good to have a cup of tea a day, and I have even heard that two or three cups a day is good. I do not add creamer, milk or sugar to my tea, but I do sometimes add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger.

Try mixing teas

For instance, 1 bag or black tea mixed with 1 bag of one of the following makes a great combination.

What types of black tea combinations do you enjoy?


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