Earl Grey Tea

Note 1: Do not use dairy products in your tea. These types of products take the effects of the antioxidants away.

Note 2: I do not add sugar to my tea. I got used to this practice slowly, by using less and less sugar over time.

Note 3: Consult a doctor if you are being treated for any illnesses before using any type of food for its’ health benefits.

With roots in British History, grey tea is a great tea to keep on hand. Water is known to be a filler, but adding tea to the water turns it into a healthy beverage.

The antioxidants in the tea are what gives it the healing properties

  • The tea is thought to have anti-depressant properties.
  • It is used to relieve fever.
  • It has cancer-fighting properties.
  • It hay also help with heart disease.

Made from both Indian and Ceylon teas, grey tea also utilizes oil of bergamot giving a slight citrus taste.

You may also enjoy:

Green Tea

Chamomile Green Sun Tea

Earl grey tea would make a good beverage at tea time served with a citrusy type dessert such as lemon cookies or orange glazed cake.


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