Hanging Herb Bundles

I love the scent of fresh herbs lingering in my home. The aroma seems very homey to me, making me feel warm and safe. It is interesting how different scents can make you feel.

Tied herb bundles should be hung on a wall in the kitchen:

  • Out of direct sunlight.
  • Away from heat sources such as the stove.

The herb bundles can be:

  • Used fresh while cooking.
  • For cooking once they have dried.
  • Used solely for decorative purposes.

Items Needed:

Fresh herbs, washed and gently patted dry.



Nail and hammer, or tacks.

  • Tie the bundles together at the stems with twine or another type of string.
  • Snip the twine with the scissors, being sure to leave a loop for hanging.
  • Hang from a nail or tack.


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