Quick Tip: What to do with Apple Droppings

Apple droppings are the apples that drop from the trees. These can be found in orchards, sometimes cheaper than those you would pick from the trees. You may have a neighbor who lets you pick them up off their lawn for free. Or they may be given away at food cupboards. No matter how you acquire them, there are ways to use them, even though they may not look perfect.

  • Make homemade applesauce by peeling and coring the apples, and adding them to a pot with water. Heat at a medium temperature, and keep adding water until you get the consistency you prefer; with chunks or without. Eat warm or cooled. As is, with cinnamon, or over ice cream.
  • Dice and add the apples to homemade muffins or breads.
  • Chop them small and add them to pancake, crepe, or waffle batter.
  • Make mini crisps or cobblers.
  • Peel, cores, slice, and freeze to use later.
  • Use the apples to top cold cereal, or in hot oatmeal.

Just be sure to cut out any bad parts.


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