Food Profile: Kiwi

Kiwi is an extremely frugal fruit. You can often buy 3 or 4 for $1.00, and they can be used in many ways. Try them in a salad, for instance.

Kiwi has essential nutrients that will help you to maintain a balanced diet, including

  • Vitamin C, and it will even provide the body with some needed vitamin E.
  • It has necessary fiber.
  • Potassium.

Kiwi fruit has health benefits that make their purchase worth while, including

  • Help with shortness of breath.
  • Protection from free radicals, due to the antioxidants they provide.
  • Help to protect you from colon cancer.


Kiwi can be used in a variety of ways. Why not try them in:

  • Fresh squeezed Juice mixes.
  • Fruit salads.
  • Fruit pies or cobblers.

In what ways do you consume Kiwi?



WHFoods: Kiwifruit



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