A Few Tomato Descriptions and Their Estimated Harvest Days

When researching tomato varieties, it is important to consider descriptions of each type. Many gardeners also want to know how many days it will take for each variety to mature. Knowing certain types of information will help you determine which plants will grow well in your area, as well as which ones you are likely to enjoy eating the most.


These large tomatoes are dark pink in color. They are meaty, juicy, and should weigh up to a pound each when ripe. These are heirloom tomatoes, meaning they are of an old-fashioned variety often found at farmers markets. The Brandywine can take up to 100 days to mature.

Great White

The great white tomato is named so because it is a large, white beefsteak variety. This tomato will mature in 85 days. The fruits of this variety grow up to 2 pounds each. Their flavor is sweet and mild, and they are juicy. You wont find a lot of seeds in the great white.

Sun Gold

The sun gold is a sweet cherry tomato variety that is orange in color. It will need 57 days to mature. Sun golds are a possible option for making dried tomatoes, and is ranked one of the best-tasting cherry varieties of tomato. This variety is a hybrid tomato.

Yellow Pear

This is another cherry tomato. It looks like a yellow pear, hence its name. This is a tart tomato variety. The fruits grow in clusters of little 1-inch tomatoes that mature in about 70 days. This tomato will provide the gardener a high yield of fruit.


The opalka tomato is considered a paste variety, which is an ingredient when making homemade tomato-based sauces. It has a superior taste, and is fine to eat fresh. This tomato is long and red measuring 3-by-5 inches, resembling the shape of a jalapeño. The opalka matures within 85 days.


The pineapple tomato matures in 90 days. This tomato is a large heirloom variety that grows to 1 or 2 pounds, and produces a mildly tart flavored fruit. It is yellow in color, with red streaks. This is another heirloom tomato variety.


The roma is paste tomato that will mature within 78 days with fewer seeds than other varieties. It is used to make ketchup, as well as sauces. These are plum-shaped fruits without many seeds, and are dark red in color.

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