Plums, Blueberries, and Tomatoes: Harvestable in July

Fruits and vegetables mature in the garden at different rates, depending on where you are and when each is planted. Some types of produce can be harvested earlier than others, to be eaten fresh or preserved.


Some plum varieties ripen in July. The Japanese varieties that mature during this month include Burbank and the Santa Rosa. The Burbank needs a pollinator, while the Santa Rosa is self-fertile.


It’s usually necessary to grow two types of blueberries for cross-pollination. Polaris blueberries are ready for consumption by the beginning of July, and a mid-July maturing variety is the Northblue. They’ll work together for pollination.


Early maturing varieties of tomatoes should be planted early in the spring for July maturity, allowing you to harvest the fruits during mid-summer. The Early Girl tomato provides the gardener with red, medium-size fruits. The Jetsetter also matures in July, and is red-orange in color.

Resources and References:

Wisebread: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by the Month

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