A Frugal Christmas or Yule Pot Luck

A pot luck is a meal where each person attending the gathering brings a different dish. This can be an organized food bringing, or not. A holiday pot luck should include a dish or beverage from each person or family attending.

Provide the main coarse for the celebration. A turkey-based lasagna or other pasta dish is a good choice, if you don;t want to go with the traditional bird. A turkey casserole would also be a good option.

Each additional family, or individual, attending the get-together would bring a different dish or beverage to add variety to the meal. They don’t have to know what they will bring when they agree, because surprises are always welcome. However, you should have a list to check off the item categories you will need. Everyone should be told that cooking or baking from scratch is encouraged for optimal money savings.

  • sides
  • desserts, if desired
  • beverages
  • bread items, if desired

Each family has to know how many people you expect to be in attendance for the gathering.

You can go a step further by also asking each family or individual to bring one of the following:

  • paper cups
  • plastic silverware
  • napkins
  • ice – for beverages, if called for.


  • Everyday plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins may be brought by them if you prefer not to be wasteful but do not have enough of your own for everyone.


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