The Freezer Set-Up

If you are going to begin freezing your leftovers for later use, you’ll have decide how best to store the food that will be placed inside. It’s also necessary to do this when you decide to deliberately cook  foods to store in the freezer. By planning the placement of food ahead of time, you’ll become more aware of what and how much you can store.

To begin, you must know the approximate size of your freezer. By approximate, I mean is it a refrigerator top freezer, and stand alone upright, or a large or small chest freezer? LOL… yeah. I try not to get too picky with exact measurements.

A Refrigerator Top Freezer

The average size freezer that tops the refrigerator will hold much food if organized well. Consider placing food containers to hold leftovers on the door. This will give you easy access to the containers, allowing you to add to the contents as you are cleaning up after each meal. You may want containers for leftover vegetables to use in stews, meat bits to use in casseroles, and fruit leftovers to use when creating smoothies. Other containers of easily accessible items, such as broths and other cooking liquids, may be placed on the door as well.

This type of freezer may offer a shelf or two, possibly at different levels. One shelf may be used to house individual serving sizes of lunch and dinner items that will make meal prep easy when you have little time, such as shepherd’s pie. Use the other to store a bag of homemade muffins and some breads.

The bottom of this freezer is usually perfect for storing casseroles and prepared pizzas that you make yourself, as well as other meals.


The other freezers will work in much the same way, but they’ll hold more.

Stand Alone Upright

  • Great for storing gallons of milk, just be sure to remove a little of the liquid to provide head space before placing into the freezer.
  • These give more options for organization, allowing you to use a separate shelf for each type of food if desired.
  • Place items that you’ll need to get to often on easily accessible shelves.
  • Holiday birds or roasts may be stored on the bottom shelves.
  • Consider plastic bins or baskets for serving size containers of foods.

Chest Freezers

  • Big or small, these may seem more difficult to organize.
  • Consider plastic bins or baskets for storing like items.
  • The big freezers are great for storing large quantities of venison and other meats.
  • Place foods in the freezer with some semblance of organization, so items as easily accessible.
  • Place smaller items at the top.
  • If there is a top shelf, which will cover a portion of the freezer, then place your leftovers here.

Whatever type of freezer you have, it can be organized to hold what you need to freeze. All you have to do is to put some thought into placement before beginning.

Here are some tips for freezing:

  1. Choose bags that are BPA free and biodegradable.
  2. Be sure that freezer containers to not contain toxins.
  3. Containers that go from the freezer to the oven or microwave are great time savers.
  4. Freeze items as they come in, or are made, but do not start to freeze too much at once. Start slow.

Do any of you have a side by side freezer/refrigerator, or one with the freezer on the bottom? What are the best ways to organize these?


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