Quick Tip: Toppings for Steak

I love a big juicy steak as much as the next person, though I do not eat beef often. Even steak can get boring after a while if it is always served the same way.

I cook mine medium rare, which many people do not like, and have never had any issues. When we were growing up, our parents didn’t over cook things for our ‘safety’, so things that may irritate the stomachs of many people today do not necessarily bother us. We even go so far as to lick the spoon and the bowl when baking. Shocking, I know.

  1. Paleo Teriyaki sauce is always a good topper.
  2. So is Paleo steak sauce.
  3. Just before serving, try something I learned from the City Park Grille in Old Town, Maine. Stick a toothpick, that has a pineapple chunk and a cherry on it, into the center of the steak and top with shredded coconut. Use a fresh cherry, pitted.
  4. The combination above is also good with Paleo teriyaki sauce.
  5. Warmed, crushed pineapple is good on steak.
  6. Many people enjoy a mixture of cooked mushrooms, onion, and green pepper on their steak.
  7. Sauteed, shredded cabbage, spinach, and diced tomato make a good topping as well.

What do you like to top your steak with? Share your family favorites in the comments section of this post.




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