One-Pan Meal: Potatoes with Vegetables

One pan meals are easy to prepare and dirty less dishes, making them a great choice for hectic days. You can make these meals using a wide variety of ingredients, limited only by your imagination and personal tastes. Here is an easy one for you to try.


1 white potato

1 sweet potato

1 handful shredded carrot

1 handful shredded cabbage

1 clove garlic

extra virgin olive oil


  1. Mince the garlic.
  2. Warm the garlic and some oil in a skillet over medium high heat, while washing the potatoes and rinsing the other vegetables.
  3. Cut bad parts off the white potato, but leave as much of the skin intact as is possible. Chop the potato and add it to the skillet.
  4. Do the same with the sweet potato.
  5. Stir the potatoes together and lower the heat to medium. Cook, stirring occasionally,  for 10 minutes.
  6. Add a handful each of carrots and cabbage to the pan and mix everything together.
  7. Heat until the white potatoes are cooked to your liking, while stirring every so often.
  8. Remove the skillet from the stove and place the food on plates, then sprinkle with parsley.


  • Try this recipe using the potatoes, celery and broccoli.
  • Save money by using fresh produce from your own garden.

Serving Suggestion

  • Serve with a fruit smoothie.

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