The Freezer Pantry

Many people overlook the freezer when calculating storage space for their pantry. A stand-up or chest freezer will become a loved addition to your space as it’s filled with leftovers and freezer meals over the coming weeks and months. Even the small freezer above the refrigerator will come in handy.

A freezer makes it easy to store leftovers from meals, as well as fruit and/or vegetable mix-ups. You’ll also be able to store other items in your freezer, such as:

  • Venison you’ve cut up and packaged yourself.

  • Meat packages.

  • Prepared casseroles, pizzas, and soups for easy dinners.

  • Packages of food bought on sale, such as frozen vegetables and fruit.

Using a freezer allows you to save money on your food budget, because you can buy more foods on sale. Watch your savings soar as you begin purchasing from Oops! Racks and discount carts. (Wal-Mart has an Oops! Rack where they sell bakery goods they made too much of.) Go ahead and buy up those two bunches of over-ripe bananas. Freeze them to use later in breads, pancakes, smoothies, and more.

By purchasing non-toxic reusable freezer containers, you’ll save money even more money. You wont need to buy as many freezer bags and wraps. Even when washing these to reuse, you’re spending more money than is necessary, plus sending them to the landfill when they’re no longer useful.


  1. Purchase a freezer, if you’ll be using a separate one from your refrigerator and don’t yet have it.

  2. Purchase what supplies you’ll need for freezing food.

NOTE: Purchasing eco-friendly, non-toxic containers is the best practice. Search out sales and coupons for these items, or ask for them as holiday or birthday gifts.

NOTE: When you do buy wraps and baggies, be sure they are BPA-Free and Biodegradable.

Happy storing!


7 thoughts on “The Freezer Pantry

  1. I had to come back and comment here. When i initially read through this post, i thought about getting a freezer, but since i don’t usually fill up the freezer attached to the fridge, i kinda figured it would be a “sometime in the future” purchase. Then, a relative gifted me with a two cases of cauliflower (12 large heads in each), one case of broccoli florets (25 lbs), and a case of celery (25 lbs). I blanched the celery and most of the broccoli and packed it in the freezer, and that’s kind of all the room i had in there! still have the two cases of cauliflower to get through.

    Apparently I’ve been telling too many people about my frugal journey since they now assume that means i don’t have money to buy food. Hence all the food gifts! also was gifted a 14 pound turkey “for the kids” (i’m a vegetarian). I’m seriously considering getting a stand alone freezer!


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