Set a Weekly Stock Up Budget


Budgeting (Photo credit: 401K)

Now that you have had a chance to practice budgeting and purchasing, it is time to decide how much you will spend on stock ups each week. The amount may be the same every week, for more 1 week than the others.

For example, in 5 week month you might do something like:

Week 1: $10.00 because you pay bills this week, or at least the most expensive ones.

Week 2: $20.00 because you must also purchase a new vacuum this week.

Week 3: $25.00 because your daughters sorority dues need to be paid.

Week 4: $50.00

Week 5: $50.00

On the other hand, you may prefer to spend the same amount each week. This is fine as well. Whatever budgeting method works best for you is the one you should use.


  1. Decide how much you will budget for a shopping trip tomorrow.

  2. Go through sales papers and coupons, and make a list of the items you wish to purchase. Not all of your items have to be on sale.

  3. Gather all your coupons, sales papers, a pencil and your list into one location, so you are prepared for tomorrow.

  4. Read tomorrows article before shopping!

NOTE: Do not stock up on anything you are not positive your family will eat. Doing so may be a complete waste of money.

UP NEXT: Begin Shopping!


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