Create an Herb Garden on Your Windowsill

Having an herb garden will allow you to save a lot of money over the years, and will give you healthy seasonings for your meals. A windowsill herb garden can be grown year round. If your pantry or kitchen has a window, use that. If not, choose another window or two within the home. A table set in front of any window will hold pots of herbs.

When creating your windowsill garden, keep in mind

  1. Environmentally friendly/ low or no-toxin pots can be found to start an organic garden.

  2. Organic potting soil is also available, but you could also use composted soil.

  3. Organic, heirloom seeds are not much more expensive than others, and will be healthier.

  4. The pots you use, as well as the soil and the seeds, will indicate how healthy your herbs will be.

  5. You can dry herbs at home easily and store them in your pantry.

  6. Some herbs can be frozen.

 NOTE: The herbs you grow organically will be far more affordable than the herbs you purchase at the store.


  1. Research the pots, soil, and seeds you wish to use.

  2. Order what you need.

  3. Set up an area for your windowsill garden.

  4. Happy planting!



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