Simple Salad Topped with Berries

I love salads. They are a refreshing, easy way to compliment lunch or dinner, and can also be eaten as a snack. Prepared correctly, and the salad can actually be the main component of a meal.


Romaine lettuce


1 hard-boiled egg



  1. Rinse the produce well, laying each on a towel. Pat dry with another towel.

  2. Quickly shred the lettuce and cabbage with a sharp knife, and distribute among plates.

  3. Slice the egg and place around the plate.

  4. Remove tops of strawberries, then slice the tops and place over the cheese on each plate.

  5. Add a few raspberries to each plate as well.


  • Use produce from your own organic garden to save money and provide a healthier salad.

  • Use coupons to purchase the cheese, or buy a store brand, to save even more money.

  • Try adding a few blueberries to each plate.

Serving Suggestions



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