Patriotic Berry Parfait

I love berries and coconut cream, and this parfait recipe 🙂

This dessert parfait can really be eaten any time, but is great for patriotic holidays. It will pack some nutrition into your holiday meal, as well as provide some sweetness without going overboard on fat and calories.

This is a great recipe for children to make, but an adult will have to cut the strawberries.


coconut cream, with a few drops of pure vanilla or mint extract




toothpick flags

  1. Rinse the fruit well, and cut the strawberries into small chunks.

  2. Layer coconut cream, strawberries, more coconut cream, and blueberries in each cup, and top with a dollop of the coconut cream.

  3. Add a few raspberries to the top.

  4. Place a flag on each parfait.
  5. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.


  • Save money by looking for sales and picking your own berries.

  • Top each parfait with colored jimmies, chocolate curls or mini chocolate chips, if you allow sugar.

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Happy Fourth!!!!


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