Tips for Healthier Eating Strategies

When switching to a healthier diet, you may notice an increase in food shopping costs. While some items will cost more,  there are ways to save money. Trying to eat healthier should not be stressful, but it can be. Taking these step will aid you in eating healthier.

  1. Grow an herb garden on a windowsill, or even on a table or stand placed in front of a window. Growing parsley, basil, chives, chervil, and thyme will save a lot on herb costs. Consider growing other herbs as well.
  2. Plant a garden. Consider a salad garden, where lettuces, spinach, tomatoes and more can be planted to give fresh salad options in season. With lots of space, more items can be grown – some of which might be preserved for later use. If garden space is not available, consider container gardening. Place the containers on your deck or front steps. The Bountiful Container is an excellent guide through this process. While on this path, think about learning how to save seeds, and remember that heirloom seeds are best and provide the most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. Go organic. (I am not being paid to review or suggest any products or sites. I genuinely love The Bountiful Container though.)
  3. Look for coupons in the weekend paper and in store fliers. When you find a product you like, visit their website or facebook page and look for a way to get coupons from them.
  4. Combine sales with coupons when possible. Not all of these products will go on sale, but keep track of the ones that do and buy enough to get through to the next sale. Signing up for a coupon exchange might be helpful, and tell friends and family to be on the look out for the ones you need. The more coupons the better when they will actually be used. And if you happen to be in an area that doubles or triples coupons on certain days, shop then. Think of the money that could be saved on a sale item with a double or triple coupon savings. I am not lucky enough to live in such an area 😦
  5. Stock up when you can. Have a designated space for stock up items, using the older products first. Keep it neat so items can be found when needed.
  6. Try different brands. There is no reason to be brand loyal, if not being so will save you money.
  7. It is not always possible to eat all organic produce and grass-fed meats. Do the best you can.
  8. Remember, avoid processed foods when possible. Cereals, pasta and rice helpers, boxed desserts. These products are full of things your body does not need.
  9. You can get grain free flours to use in recipes, but do the research. As an example, swapping out wheat flour for coconut flour is not as cute and dry as when you swap out white for wheat. You need to find recipes that specifically call for coconut flour (or almond) and see what they call for. Using more eggs is likely going to be necessary. There is an art to the whole thing. These flours are expensive, but should not be used often anyway. Eating fresh produce and getting in enough protein are the important things, so concentrate more on that. Making bread and treats is secondary, and these items are not needed often. In this sense, it makes the cost not seem as bad and keeps you eating on the healthier side.
  10. Look for new recipes for quick, easy meal options. And a few for more intricate meals to add some flair to your new cooking style. Do searches online for wheat free, grain free, paleo and other types of recipes that will allow you to eat as healthy as possible.

Remember, you may not be able to eat the most healthy foods every single week. That is okay. Do what you can.

* has many of the products I cannot find at my local grocery store.


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