Cooking for 1

Not only is grocery shopping for 1 different than doing so for many, but cooking for 1 can be as well. When I started cooking for myself, I was used to doing so for more people. My two daughters. Their friends. The daycare children who came into my home. There was a lot of cooking going on.

I remember going to the grocery store with my mother, standing there saying “I have no idea what I want to buy?” She told me to think about what I like. What I want. To never mind what I would make if the girls were home. It took me over a month to even feel good about the process.

Things are different now.

  • There’s not nearly as much cooking going on.
  • I know what I want when I go into the store, and I usually have enough on hand that I can change my mind (if I want) when it comes time to making a meal. There is a certain amount of freedom to that.
  • During very lean weeks I spend a bit less on food than I did when I was cooking for more than one, but not a whole lot because the cost of food has gone up a bit over the last few years. (During the not so lean weeks, I eat a more Paleo diet that costs more. For health reasons.)
  • Prep time is faster than it used to be for most recipes, saving me time. Always a plus.
  • If I have leftovers, they go into the refrigerator and I warm them up for my next meal. Quick and easy. But I can generally judge how much to cook so I don’t have leftovers if I wont be around to eat them or I know I will not want to eat the same meal again within a couple of days.
  • The food I need to buy for a week takes up much less space.
  • And I have a dorm size refrigerator in the room that I rent; is perfect for my needs.
  • I can now cook what I want, when I want. I don’t have to cater to anyone’s preferences except my own. Nobody’s desires. Just mine. If I want the same thing for dinner three nights a week, I can have it. If I want to change my mind about what I want to make for lunch, I do. It is a good thing 🙂

Getting used to these changes was difficult, happening gradually. But I’m pleased I have come through the changes just fine. You will as well 🙂

Have you gone through this process yourself? Let us know how it went for you. Offer up tips in the comments section for this post, or email me personally at

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