Top 10 Frugal Cooking and Food Tips

We are all looking to save money where possible, and food is a good place to start. By getting our grocery bills under control, we can more easily distribute money where it has to go: On bills, clothing, and education, for instance. Here are some tips for saving money in the kitchen:

  1. Use your leftovers! Try not to throw anything out. If you wont use the leftovers right away, store them in the freezer so they don’t go bad.
  2. If you do not have enough money for food, check out the local food cupboards. They are very helpful resources.
  3. Pack affordable lunches for your children to take to school.
  4. Couple sales with coupons for ultimate savings when buying groceries.
  5. Learn how to eat healthier for less. Eating healthy foods means less doctor bills later.
  6. Cook frugal meals. Change recipes to suit your needs. What do you already have on hand? What can you buy that costs less than the required ingredient?
  7. Cheap roasts, combined with root vegetables, make a great affordable meal that will give leftovers for later use.
  8. Make homemade sauces when pears, apples or peaches go on sale.
  9. Grow your own food.

What are your best frugal cooking and food tips? Share them in the comments below, or email me personally at Remember to share this article with others who may find it useful.

These eCookBooks will be helpful:

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