Stop Wasting Food

There are two ways to stop wasting food so you can save money on your food bill. One is to be sure you use what you buy, even if that means preserving the food before it goes bad. Or using the food, then freezing the result, such as baking homemade banana bread to have on hand for later use.

Another easy way to save money on food is by eating your leftovers. Use the odds and ends left over from preparing meals to create new recipes. This can be done in a variety if ways, including:

Storing the odds and ends for later use.

Using leftovers the next day to make a new meal.

Packing them into small containers, to bring to work or school for lunch.

Making smoothies using chunks of leftover fruit and that quarter cup left in the milk jug. Or by combining fruits and vegetables.

Creating a casserole for dinner.

Making homemade soups for lunch.

Cooking one-pan meals to serve for breakfast.

As you can see, there are many ways to use leftovers. Be creative. Try new ideas. Nevermind the old stand-by recipes and enjoy new meal creations.

How much might this save?

It’s hard to say. You might end up with enough leftovers in a week for a couple of snacks, and 3 work lunches, and some extra veggies and meat to add to a soup or casserole later. That could be at least a $5.00 savings, depending on what ingredients are available. Think about what $5.00 a week means. $260.00 a year. I could get 4 weeks worth of groceries for that amount of money.


Spend an entire month saving leftovers and using them, rather than throwing them out. How much can you save during a 1 month period by doing this?

Share your results with us in the comments, or feel free to email me privately at


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