Lemon Water, For on the Go

I do a lot of walking. I also work outside the home when I am not writing. Having water at the ready, for when I have to leave home, is essential. Especially when it is warm outside. I have a glass water bottle (my favorite!) with a fruit insert, not unlike the pitcher that I usually make the lemon water in. The water bottle, of course, is smaller than the pitcher.

I simply fill the insert with lemon slices, fill the bottle with water, and place covered in the refrigerator until I am ready to leave. This only takes one small lemon.

The one water bottle is fine for my walk, and I can refill it at work when needed – using the same lemon slices. I can make things more convenient while at work, by refilling the bottle just before I leave and putting it in the office refrigerator. I can get a good two or three days of delicious water with that one lemon.

What fruit do you like to add to your water?


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