Berry-Orange Iced Tea

I’m still coming up with the occasional iced tea recipe. This one is really good. It has a couple different kinds of tea bags, as well as some orange slices. Lemons could be used instead, if those are what were on hand.


(I use a pitcher with an insert.)

2 Bavarian Wild Berry tea bags
3 Lipton tea bags
3 orange slices



  1. Put a couple handfuls of ice in the bottom of the pitcher.
  2. Place the insert into the pitcher.
  3. Cut the tag and string off the tea bags. Place the bags into the insert.
  4. Put the oranges slices into the insert as well.
  5. Pour water over the fruit slices and tea bags inside the insert.


  • Try sliced strawberries instead of the orange slices.
  • Buy tea bags on sale, with coupons, to save money.

You may also enjoy:

White Tea

Lemon Sun Tea





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