Getting Enough Vegetables Affordably

Vegetables are one of the most important meal and snack components to consume, providing your body with necessary vitamins, protein, minerals, and other nutrients that aid in keeping a body healthy. We should be eating mostly vegetables at each meal, being sure to mix it up for full benefit.

It can be expensive to eat so many vegetables, though, so we tend to go the way of eating cheaper, more processed, less healthy foods. We shouldn’t do this, if we really want to be healthy. Use the money you would have used for processed foods to buy more vegetables.

Even I sometimes, when money is truly tight, find myself eating the non healthy foods. However, I’m trying to prevent it as much as possible.


By thinking ahead, and shopping well.

These tactics do not work 100% of the time, but I do try.

What are some steps to take to be sure we are able to get as many vegetables into our diet as possible?

  1. Always know what you already have on hand.
  2. Use store coupons to buy vegetables.
  3. Go online to the food companies you generally buy from to see if you can sign up for coupons, such as Marketside.
  4. When something is on sale, buy extras.
  5. Frozen and canned foods are fine if they are truly good deals, just be sure to choose versions where the manufacturer does not use BPA in the lining. These will come in handy when you don’t have fresh vegetables.
  6. Shop the discount racks and freeze stuff.
  7. When you can’t use the fresh vegetables, and you don’t want them to go bad, create freezer mix-ups. These are easy to make.
  8. Buy the vegetables that are the most affordable that week. Choose at least five varieties, and buy enough to last until your next shopping trip.
  9. Take advantage of roadside stands during the harvest season. Often, you can get the vegetables at an incredibly low rate. If you buy a lot, they may even knock off a dollar or two.
  10. Shop Farmer’s Markets toward the end of the day, when sellers are more likely to sell for less.
  11. Know how much a serving really is for each member of your family.
  12. Remember that if you’re eating non processed foods, mainly meats and vegetables, your body will regulate itself after a while and you may not need as big servings as you used to. This happened for me after about three weeks in on the Whole30 program, and is also the case when I’m eating Paleo. This helps me to save money in the long run.
  13. Be sure you’re getting in at least one or two greens each week. Buy a big bag of spinach and some cabbage or Romaine lettuce.

When I am eating mostly vegetables, meat, and a fruit a day, I notice big differences. My weight goes down, my skin is clear and looks amazing, my asthma does not bother me at all, and I sleep very well, among other things. I love feeling that good, so I strive to do my best to eat healthy.

How do you do things so you can afford to consume more vegetables?


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