What Fruits do You Use?

Every so often, a reader will email me or comment here on the blog with a question. I decided it was about time I added a category here for answering these questions.

One question people have asked recently is what fruits I use when preparing foods, beverages, and just for eating as are. Usually this would be whatever is cheap, lol. But I do have other criteria.

Budget permitting, some items are organic. I try to follow the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 when possible.

Also, I do not usually eat a lot of fruit – I’m working on losing weight and fruit has sugar. So I try to stick to one, sometimes two, servings of fruit a day. And food servings are usually smaller than we think, so this means eating a small banana or other fruit, and not a large one.

So, what fruits do I usually get?

  • bananas
  • kiwi
  • apples
  • oranges
  • lemons and limes for use in recipes or beverages
  • pears
  • berries
  • pineapple

Are there other fruits I sometimes eat? Of course:

  • melons
  • peaches
  • plums
  • other fruits I find good deals on

What fruits do you enjoy? And in what recipes do you use them?

Share with us in the comments, or by emailing me at shannonlbuck@gmail.com. I respond to all emails.


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