What I Thought Healthy Food Was

When my daughters were growing up healthy meant something different from what it does today, at least for me. The belief was that as long as you had the basics – meat, fruits or vegetables, dairy, and a grain – you had a well-balanced meal. For some people this might work, but not for everyone. Too many processed foods, sugars, white breads and pastas; even the wheat breads and pastas, are not the healthiest options available. Not to mention the GMO’s in the foods.

A lot of this stuff I even made homemade, because that was supposed to be better for you. And let’s not forget all the low-fat and nonfat items. And the diet colas.

  • I thought because I served cheese meatloaf, mashed potato with milk and butter, corn, and bread and butter, with a glass of milk, we were eating well.
  • I believed if I served pasta with a meat-tomato sauce, bread and butter, and milk, that it would pass for healthy.
  • All the homemade breads were considered healthier than store-bought, and the fruit desserts were supposed to be better for you than the others – even though they were still sugar laden.

And that wasn’t even all. I had such a little amount of money to feed everyone on. I did the best I could at the time, with the information I had and the amount of money available. And the food tasted so good! Still does sometimes, when I need comfort food.

This way of eating, however, contributed to weight problems as well as other health concerns. As it turned out, for me this was not a healthy way of eating. I had a moderate case of asthma, and felt ill most of the time. After only a few hours of activity each day, I felt worn out. It was not good.

I know plenty of people who eat like this and seem healthy enough. I envy them. They aren’t over weight, and have plenty of energy. In all honesty, I’m so happy for them. They get to eat my favorite foods without feeling guilty, or ill. I wish the same were true for me.


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