Quick Tip: Freezing Chives

When my daughters and I moved into an apartment years ago, the woman who lived there before us had planted chives. I kept them growing, and planted other things as well. When we moved into the trailer, we brought out chives with us. When I moved from there, I had my mother take the chives and plant them at her house. I wouldn’t have a place for them at my next place.

During the harvesting day I spent with my mom last fall, I noticed how well those chives are still doing. I cut a bunch to bring home.

At home, I rinsed them well and patted them dry with a towel. Then I chopped them up small and distributed them between two ice-cube trays. After covering them with water I put them in the freezer, later placing the cubes in freezer bags.

How will these chives be used?

  • By placing them in the pan with vegetables and meat to roast.
  • By dropping a cube or two in with soup I make in the slow cooker.
  • By adding them to chili.

Do you have a quick tip for chives?


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