5 Laws of Being a Frugal Kitchen Goddess

Being a Kitchen Goddess is one thing. Being a Frugal Kitchen Goddess is something else. I’m a Frugal Kitchen Goddess, and darn proud of it. How about you?

In order to be a frugal Goddess in the kitchen, you must know and/or do things that help to save money. What they are will depend on your cooking style and just how much money you wish not to spend. My Frugal Kitchen Goddess laws are:

  1. Know the truth about eggs. That’s right, most of the time all size eggs are created equal. There are only a few types of recipes out there that wouldn’t come out right if I did not use, say, three large eggs, and I don’t make those recipes. While large eggs are sometimes the better value, this is not always the case. Just last week I bought a dozen medium eggs because they were the best value where I was shopping. I used two medium eggs in my homemade brownie recipe and the brownies came out perfect, even though the recipe called for two large. No difference. I have also used small eggs in this manner. It is way more economical, most of the time, to use small eggs in smoothies as well. Also, when tripling and quadrupling recipes, I leave out an egg. The food comes out just fine. I have even been known to use duck eggs (given to me by a friend) in different recipes. They are amazing.
  2. Grow your own food. Even though I rent a room right now, and can’t garden outside, I still grow a little of my own food. For instance, my mother grew kale and chives in her garden last year and, at the end of the growing season these greens were still growing strong. I took two of each plant, put them in a pot with soil, watered when necessary, and used the greens in salads and smoothies until after the holidays. Every time I’d take a leaf or two off, more would grow. It was great. Right now I’m trying my hand at growing herbs on at the back of my desk, right in front of a huge window. So far the cilantro and parsley are growing well, and I can see the beginnings of some oregano. Yum. I’m doing it all organically, and it will save a good amount of money.
  3. Cook from scratch. It’s much more frugal, and healthier, than using so many processed foods when you’re trying to eat healthy. I don’t do a lot of baking any more, as far as cakes, breads, and such. But I do take squash from the garden to roast, filling it with other fresh produce and a little meat. I also make other foods in my toaster oven.
  4. Accept whatever people offer. From duck eggs to fresh produce to food plants, I take whatever anyone wants to offer. This saves me a bunch of money each year, and provides food to experiment with allowing me to create new recipes. Fun! You’ll figure out a way to use each item. Duck eggs are great in smoothies, omelets, and more. The plants can be placed outside or in a sunny window. And the fresh produce can be used in all manner of things, from smoothies, to omelets, to nachos.
  5. Utilize the slow cooker when possible. Make everything from roasts to chili to soups, and so much more. Use of the cheapest cuts of meat, and the ugliest produce, wont even matter. No one will notice. And you’ll make the most amazing meals!

Now, I realize each frugalista has her own laws of being a Frugal Kitchen Goddess. What are your yours? Do any of them match up to mine? Are they different?


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