Small Kitchen Appliances Save You Money

I live in a room, so small appliances are a necessity. I’m thinking that even when I do get my small house, smaller appliances may be the way to go. Why?

Because they cost less to run.

Right now, I have a toaster oven, 2 (3-quart) crock pots, a dorm-size refrigerator, a 2 burner hot plate and a 1 burner backup, a hand mixer, and a single-serve blender. That’s it, and I live pretty comfortably this way. For the most part, they are all I need.

Of course it’s just me living in my little space. But it would be just me in a small house as well, for the most part. The cost of living being as high as it is these days, I know I’ll be looking to save money wherever possible and, by living in a room, I’ve learned what I can and can’t live without. What I miss and what I don’t.

  1. I don’t need a full size refrigerator. It’s wasteful not having a refrigerator filled all the time, so why get a big one just for me. A dorm-size refrigerator is perfect, but I want to replace the old one with a newer model that has a separate freezer. The one in the fridge I have doesn’t work well, and I feel that one with a separate opening for the freezer will be better and hold a little more. I’d want a second one for the house, to use during family gatherings for extra storage. I’ve also seen smaller, glass-door refrigerators that fit snug at the end of a kitchen island, under the counter. This might look better in the kitchen of the small house I want.
  2. Instead of a full stove, I want just a range top and hood. I don’t need a full size oven for every day use. I do want a double wall oven for holiday use with a drawer below for bake ware, because I love to bake. A lot.
  3. The right toaster oven will allow for baking, toasting, roasting, and making rotisserie meats. I have one of these, so I don’t need a separate toaster.
  4. I’ve learned that I don’t need a microwave at all.
  5. I do want a freezer, and will be looking at what types are the best value for my buck. I want one that will cost the least to run. (Any advice here is welcome!)
  6. And I definitely want a dishwasher. I wonder if they have smaller size ones. Dishes are one of the worst chores ever, in my opinion.

What do you consider to be essential for your household? Your items may be different from mine. For me, a woman living alone, I don’t need much. I want to save money on utilities, and space in the kitchen the small home I want. If you really desired or needed to cut back on expenses, what appliances would you choose to keep, downgrade, or let go of all together?


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