Making Changes to the Blog

You may have noticed I changed the way the blog posts are listed on the home page, and tweaked the sidebar so I only have one. Once I got rid of some unneeded things there, two sidebars were no longer necessary. I’m still working on cutting the topics list down, and I’ve reworked the footer (please check it out!).

I’ve drafted many of the articles and recipes, meaning they’re still here but are hidden, and trashed anything unnecessary. The drafted posts will be updated and re-posted, trashed, or used in other projects at a later date, depending on how important they are and whether or not they fit in with how I want this blog to be perceived.

Don’t be surprised when you find much-loved posts disappearing. I’m trying to decide what to do with them. They may end up back here, if changed a little, or they may end up elsewhere.

This blog is taking on a healthier image, as I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past year. As I learn new things about health, and try/create new recipes, I’m posting them here. Some of the old favorites, though they may not be the healthiest, are staying, at least for now. These are the ones that evoke warm memories of time with family and friends. The recipes I still use for important family gatherings.

While I’m trying to eat healthier, the blog is still based on frugality. I can’t even afford all that health food, but I’m learning to spend wisely and I want to show you how. I’m hoping you’ll join me in my adventure.

You may have noticed some older posts showing up as new posts. This is because I’ve already tweaked those recipes and articles, and they are ready to share with you again. They are the ones I wanted to be sure everyone saw again, because they are so helpful.

Others have been tweaked but not re-posted. They are where they always have been, where everyone knows where to find them.

Please stick with me through the changes, and I think you’ll be pleased.

Thank you!


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