Beef Stock

Making your own stocks saves money on your grocery bill. The bone of the roast are used, after it has been roasted and most of the meat removed. It is fine to leave small pieces of meat on the bone.

The finished product may be frozen in ice cube trays, and then placed in a freezer container and put back into the freezer. Use ice cubes in place of some of the water when cooking casseroles.

You might choose to pour the liquid directly into the containers and freeze like that. This can later be used when cooking soups and stews.

The process is simple, but will take some time. This is perfect to make when you will be home for a number of hours.



beef bone

vegetable odds and ends



  1. Place the bone into a large pot.
  2. Feel free, at this point, to add any vegetable odds and ends to the pot, as well as herbs and a few fresh greens. This step is NOT necessary. I use peels and ends that I normally would discard.
  3. Fill the pot about 2/3 of the way with water.
  4. Cook down to about half the liquid.
  5. Discard the bone and vegetable ends, straining the liquid so none of the solids remain.
  6. Reconstitute the liquid by half and cool.

That’s it! A simple task that does not take much hands on time.


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