Edible Flowers for Your Frugal Garden

Not every flower is edible, so it’s important to identify each correctly before consuming. Many flowers can be eaten raw or used in cooking, and quite a few are excellent for cake decorating. They are even said to have health benefits, particularly for emotional health.

This list will be helpful when deciding which flowers to grow for culinary purposes. Be sure you are purchasing the plants or seeds from organic sources, and using organic methods of planting and caring for them.


Carnations are often used by cake decorators. Candy and wine can be made using them as an ingredient. Some carnations tend to have a spicy flavor that may seem peppery. Others have a sweet flavor.

Day Lilies

Also used in cake decorating, they can be used in salads as well. Some may be bitter, but many have a mild flavor. Their unopened buds can be steamed, and can be used in a stir-fry.

Johnny Jump-Ups

These add a decorative touch to desserts, and can be used in salads as well. Freeze them with water in ice cube trays and use the cubes in your lemonade and iced tea.


The lilac has pretty purple or white flowers. Use these in ice cream for a nice treat. This will go very well sprinkled over Paleo banana ice cream.


Rose hips are members of the apple family, making them edible as well as beautiful. They will provide your body with vitamin C. Use these in jams and teas.

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