Apple Place Markers

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright September 13, 2017.

Apple place markers are adorable and easy to make. A place marker is used to help you to put each person at a specific place at the autumn-themed or Thanksgiving table.


scrapbook paper in a solid autumn color other than the color of the apple embellishment (or in an autumn print), cut to 5″ x 3″

scrapbook paper in a different solid color other than the color of the apple embellishment, cut to 4-2/3″ x 2-2/3″

gold, red, brown, or other autumn colored marker or scrapbook pen

paper cutter

small paper apple embellishment (1 per card), or hand cut them yourself

1 small apple sticker

adhesive squares

bone folder

  1. Fold the 5″ x 3″ pieces of paper over the tall way, so the finished pieces will be 2-1/2″ x 3″. Use the Bone folder to score down the inside of the fold.
  2. Fold the 4-2/3″ x 2-2/3″ pieces of paper over the tall way like above. Again, use the Bone folder to score down the inside of the fold.
  3. Place an adhesive square at the back top and bottom sections of the 4-2/3″ x 2-2/3″ pieces of paper, and attach this paper to the front of the larger piece so the scored lines line up.
  4. Fold the finished product along the cored line to be sure the card folds properly while being able to stand on its own.
  5. Place an adhesive square to the back of an apple embellishment, and place it to the left or right side of the place marker – leaving enough space on the smaller piece of paper to write the person’s name.
  6. Place a sticker to the top center to the inside of the place marker.
  7. Using the pen, write a guests name on each and then open the card and turn it to the inside. Write ‘I am thankful for:’ at the top just under the sticker, and the year at the bottom center.
  8. When putting the place markers on the table, set a pen next to each. Before enjoying your meal, have each person think about what they are most thankful for and write it down.




  • Make all the place markers the same, or spice things up a bit by making each a little different.
  • This project is great for using up scraps, and doing so will allow you to save money.
  • Try other autumn embellishments.
  • Rather than having guests write what they are thankful for inside the place markers, write what you are thankful for that has to do with each of them. Or, leave the inside for them to fill out, and write a short note about what you are thankful for about each on the back of each.

Happy autumn!


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