Frugal Recipes Happenings Spring 2019


Tuesday was such a nice day. I had so much fun at the Discovery Museum with my grandchildren, my son-in-law Devan, and my daughter Skye and her boyfriend Ryan. My only wish would have been that the kids mother could have been there, rather than at work.

Little Man had a grand time checking things out during our couple of hour visit. He climbed really high, saw what a beaver home looked like, played with magnets and so much more. The joy on his face, as well as the concentration at times, melted my heart. ❤


Little Miss also enjoyed the afternoon out. She is only eight months old, but she had so much fun touching things. She’s quite tactile.

The only thing she really didn’t like was the feel of the tree. Other than that, she liked touching different types of leaves and feeling the other textures.

She never cried once, and was just as happy as could be. ❤



Earlier this month I learned I had won a $25 gift card for Amazon from my employer for posting in our closed Facebook group.

Perfect timing! On the first I’m going to be doing a detox, and the gift card bought me two bags of protein powder for that purpose. Organic pea powder to go in my juices/smoothies.

I’m doing the Total Wellness Summit this week, and then next month changing things up. My body needs a detox, and I need to fix some gut issues. Plus I’ve got to get back on track with my weight and fitness goals. Who’s with me!?


The last two weeks each saw a day that was simply gorgeous, so I have started to get the longer walks in again. I don’t get to do that in the winter because it’s so hard to breath on the coldest days, and it is not really safe to walk in a lot of areas.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing more sitting than normal though, with all the virtual summits and conferences I’ve been taking notes on. It will all pay off in the long run, though.

I’ve added deep breathing a few times a day, I’m walking a bit more and planning to walk even longer distances within another month,I am doing more yoga, and upping the leg, arm, and core exercises. I’ll be tweaking how I go about doing everything, but I am getting there.


As for nutrition? I’m eating lighter fare more often than not right now, I’m going to do the detox, then 90% of what I eat will be Whole30/Paleo.

It has to be that way if I want this weight gone, and I do!

I hope you’ve been following along on the blog. The newest items are lighter and very nutritious.

I also wanted to remind you about some other types of recipes that will help you to eat and drink lighter this spring.

Not sure if there is an interest here on the blog to follow along with the weightloss and fitness goals. I’m keeping a journal of all I learn and do, if anyone is interested. Just let me know by commenting on this post or emailing me at and I can start a new category or page. I know the struggle people are going through to get healthy.

Happy Spring!

~ Shannon

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