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Strawberry Water, For on the Go

One of my new favorites! Strawberry water is so good, and it’s easy to make. I use my glass water bottle because it has an insert, filling the insert with sliced strawberries then placing it into the bottle. Pour water over the strawberries, and cover. It’s that simple. I like to do this the night […]

Photograph by: Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014

Lemon Water, For on the Go

I do a lot of walking. I also work outside the home when I am not writing. Having water at the ready, for when I have to leave home, is essential. Especially when it is warm outside. I have a glass water bottle (my favorite!) with a fruit insert, not unlike the pitcher that I […]

Fruity Cocoa Goodness (Smoothie)

Once in a while I have a chocolate craving. I find smoothies are a great way to take care of this. Making them thick and adding ice is also a nice treat. Doing so almost makes a smoothie seem like a milkshake. I use organic ingredients when I can. They really do have superior flavor. […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2017.

Chocolaty Good Banana-Cranberry Cereal

They are so simple to make using different types of things. This is a simple one that I made using cranberries to celebrate the autumn season. Oh, and I was also having a chocolate craving.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014.

Homemade Food Gifts: Baked Goods

The most frugal way to make these foods is from scratch. Admittedly, I often use boxed items when I’m able to purchase them on sale, with a coupon. They can be pretty affordable just before and during the holidays. The trick to doing this in the most frugal manner possible is by figuring out whether […]

Pumpkin and Marigold Centerpiece

This centerpiece is not difficult to make using a mid-size pumpkin, or even one a bit larger. It can be placed on the dinner table. A second can be made to be used as a mantle decoration. Materials 1 pumpkin sharp knife flower-pot to fit inside the pumpkin large spoon organic potting soil fresh Marigold […]

Cheeseburger with Vegetables, and a Chocolatey-Good Smoothie

Buy organic when possible, but don’t feel guilty when you can’t. My meat, corn, and fruit was not organic. It is too expensive for me to eat all organic foods, so I simply do the best I can. You’re still going to be eating better than when you buy mostly processed foods. I have a very limited budget for groceries, but I make the best choices I can.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Chocolatey Good Smoothie Bowl

I’ve decided I love smoothie bowls! And, since I mentioned I’d be sharing more with you, I figure it’s about time I do so. One day I was craving chocolate, but did not want to go to the store for candy or a dessert item (I don’t keep that stuff in the house!). A smoothie […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 29, 2016

Teas, Goodies, Containers & a Mug

Check out the cool new mug the bestest gave me for Christmas. I just love it! She and my sister restocked my dwindling tea supplies. Always a plus. I love to have lots of different teas to choose from. Most of the teas stay at home, where I have a couple of plastic canisters to […]

New Year Goal: Organize

Yesterday I posted a New Year goal about how I’m getting back to eating healthy after getting off track during the holidays. Today I want to let you know about another goal, and my theme word for the year. ORGANIZE Yup, by the end of the new year, I intend to be far more organized. […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015

New Year Goal: Getting Back to Eating Healthy

I must have gained 15 pounds this month, and I feel crappy to boot. I can’t claim to eat healthy 100% of the time, but usually I eat far healthier than I have in the past couple of months. The holidays are rough, that’s for sure. All the delicious foods are so hard to say […]

5 Laws of Being a Frugal Kitchen Goddess

Being a Kitchen Goddess is one thing. Being a Frugal Kitchen Goddess is something else. I’m a Frugal Kitchen Goddess, and darn proud of it. How about you? In order to be a frugal Goddess in the kitchen, you must know and/or do things that help to save money. What they are will depend on […]

New Year Goal: Experiment with Recipes

Still trying to figure out what your New Year goal will be? How about a food related goal? Resolve to experiment with new recipes during the new year, and you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Just step outside your comfort zone and try something new once a week, or even once a […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014

A Good, Healthy Lunch, on a Budget

Earlier I showed you a typical breakfast. Now I’m showing an example of a budget friendly lunch. This is not necessarily a typical lunch for me, as one usually consists of a salad, a piece of fruit, and some type of protein. But this was an affordable option for me a couple of weeks back. […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014

A Good, Healthy Breakfast, on a Budget

I keep telling people they can eat healthy without spending an exuberant amount on food. This is true to an extent, if you keep it simple. Stick to the basics, and your meal does not have to cost an arm-and-a-leg. Also, watch your serving sizes. The picture shows a breakfast I had a couple of […]

Affordable, Good for You Lunch Ideas

It’s important that we keep lunch options available that are easy to prepare as well as healthy to consume. Lunch is the perfect time to pack some more nutrition into your diet, particularly if you don’t snack. The ideas below are per person. 1 nut butter and banana sandwich. 1 nut butter and pickle sandwich […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015.

Affordable, Good for You Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an important meal, and should not be skipped. It helps you to stay energized during the morning hours, helping you to get through your day. The ideas below are affordable, and many of the components can be made at home using wholesome ingredients. 1 paleo crepe, a small banana sliced, a tablespoon of […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014.

Earth Day Activities for Frugal Meal Preparation Throughout the Year

Happy Earth Day! The Earth Day Network wants to plant 7.8 billion trees as a way to combat climate change. What a wonderful thing to do! Want to help? Check out how to do so here. You can bet I’d be planting trees if I had the space to do so. There are many ways […]

No Excuses Detox

Cookbook Review: No Excuses Diet by Megan Gilmore

I love cookbooks, and used to have a nice collection of them before I moved and had to downsize. I loved those old cookbooks, but they didn’t necessarily include many recipes that I would now consider healthy. I love that I was able to add the No Excuses Detox: 100 Recipes to Help You Eat […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014

Fruit Flavored Water

I’m still trying out new fruit combinations for homemade flavored water. This combination is the one I’m enjoying today. This refreshing drink is packed with vitamin C and folate, and have the added nutritional impact of fiber, potassium, vitamin B1, calcium and more. I hope you like it as much as I do. Ingredients 1/2 […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014

Orange Water

I recently added a couple posts to this blog, Lemon Water and Lemon Water, For on the Go. It’s very important that, with the upcoming higher temperatures, we are being sure to keep ourselves hydrated. Especially in light of reports that it may be a hotter year than we are used to. Drinking the fruit […]

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Frugal Recipes Happenings ~ Summer 2018

Happy Summer! The nicer days make me so happy 🙂 How about you? Skye and her boyfriend and I have been taking advantage of restaurants where we can sit outside and eat. It’s been a real culinary adventure. I’ve tried a few new places since Skye moved back home last fall, starting with the our […]