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Food Profile: Kiwi

Kiwi is an extremely frugal fruit. You can often buy 3 or 4 for $1.00, and they can be used in many ways. Try them in a salad, for instance. Kiwi has essential nutrients that will help you to maintain a balanced diet, including Vitamin C, and it will even provide the body with some […]

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Food Profile: Carrots

The carrot can be purchased in a few different colors, including purple and white. It can be used in many ways, and will make interesting salad additions when using more than one color. Carrots are packed full of important nutrients, including Vitamins A and C B vitamins Fiber Potassium Folate The carrot, regardless of  its’ […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Food Profile: Watermelon

By Sheila Buck Watermelon is a tasty treat, especially on a hot summer day. This fruit is very good for the body. It helps to prevent some types of cancer, as well as, some other serious conditions. Some health benefits of the watermelon Very high in vitamins A, B, and C High in the minerals […]

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