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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright March 4, 2015. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shannonbuck

Freezer: Using up the Winter Stocks

Since it is the time of the year when we spring clean, I thought it would be nice if we all considered our freezers for a few minutes. Do you have any leftover produce in the freezer? I know that I still have some frozen smoothie packs and berries in the freezer that need to […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 22, 2016.

Our Favorite Cheesecake

This is a favorite at all holiday and sabbat celebrations in our home. Everyone loves it, even though it’s not your traditional cheesecake. Anyone can make it, even a child. It is quick and easy to make, and tastes so good. This recipe is for two cakes, but you can halve everything for one if […]

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Gifts Made With Love

Last year the bestest, Missy, and I started a new tradition. As long as we live close enough to do so, we will have a baking day for the holidays. This year we had our day on the 13th, in the midst of a busy season, busy times at work, and her moving. Carving out […]

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September Baking Day

I love September because it’s the month I start having huge baking days each year. I had one such day on the 9th. Mind you, it was still quite warm, and I rent a room so it heats up quickly. At this point, the AC is used to keep the temperature regulated on baking days. […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 29. 2016.

Patriotic Holiday Recipes: Red, White, and Blue Parfait

A simple treat that can be used as a side to any meal, or a snack, or even as a dessert. And, they are great when served at Patriotic holiday tables. Small children can help with this one as well, if you cut the grapes yourself. Keep these in the refrigerator until they are ready […]

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Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck December 22, 2016http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shannonbuck

Cheesecake Toppings!

I love cheesecake, though I make it all of 3 times a year — if that.  I don’t usually use toppings, but there are a number of them that would be good on the recipe that I use. Arrange blueberries in the shape of a star. Slice strawberries and use them to line the edges […]

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Pineapples with Chocolate

This is an incredibly simple treat to make. I’ve never measured out ingredients. With just a little practice you’ll know exactly how much of the three items below that will be needed each time you make this recipe.

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 29, 2016

Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Contributed by Sheila Buck (Update January 2017: Yum! I know these are in no way healthy, but I just love them. I might try tweaking the recipe in the future to use Paleo approved non-grain flour and honey, or something like that, just to make it a little healthier. But I’m keeping this recipe here […]

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Pumpkin Pie

We love pumpkin pie during the autumn and winter holidays and sabbats. They smell delicious while baking and cooling, and are very tasty. This recipe makes two pies. For one pie, simply halve the ingredients. (Update 2017) This is another family favorite that I’m leaving on the site, at least until I can come up […]

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Spice Profile: Ginger

This herb is a perennial from the sub/tropics, used in creating different types of recipes. Some perfumes are made using ginger, as are medications and different types of condiments. It’s often used in Asian cuisine. Ginger helps with ailments such as Motion sickness Dizziness Morning sickness Arthritis Note: Consult a doctor if you are being […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 4, 2014.

Quick Tip: How to Use Up Apples

Apples are abundant during the autumn months. Sometimes you’ll find yourself with too many. They’ll keep awhile when wrapped individually in newspaper and kept in baskets or boxes in a cool place. You can also make homemade apple, puree and freeze or can it for later use. So, what can be made with all of this apples? Apple […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright October 2014.

Quick Tip: How to Use Up Pumpkin

Pumpkin is abundant during the autumn months. If you find yourself with a lot of pumpkins, remember they will keep awhile when not cut. You can also make homemade pumpkin puree, and freeze or can it for later use. So, what can be made with all of this pumpkin? Soups and stews Paleo pumpkin Roll […]

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Quick Tip: How to use up Blueberries

Maybe you went blueberry picking over the weekend. Or purchased them at a great deal. Or someone gave them to you. Or you were lucky enough to come by them at the food cupboard. Perhaps you have too many blueberries, and you can’t use them up fast enough. Did you know that blueberries are very […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright February 2017. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shannonbuck

Berry Salad

NOTE: Berries may cause allergic reactions in young children. For toddlers who have not been exposed to berries yet, consult a pediatrician before serving. Ingredients blueberries raspberries black berries sliced strawberries whipped coconut cream flavored with honey, pure vanilla extract, or mint. Mix the berries in a bowl, and dish by the spoonful into decorate […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright December 29, 2016.

Can You Eat Healthy When Utilizing Dollar Day Sales?

Whether or not you can eat healthy while utilizing dollar day sales depends on what the store is offering up. It is always worth it to check the sales out, because you never know what they might include. Examples of Healthier Dollar Day Foods canned peas (2 for $1) Canned carrots (2 for $1) cucumbers […]

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