I Bought Me Presents!

Over the holidays and for a little after, I worked a lot of overtime. It was tiring, but worth it because regular pay + holiday pay + overtime = a lot of money! Yay!

So I bought me a few nice things for my kitchen! This does not happen every day, month, or even year. Before I show you what I got, though, I want to mention that I’m not in any way affiliated with the companies that make these products, and they are not paying me to mention them here on the blog or on social media. I really do like these products.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright January 2018.

I just love Pioneer Woman products, and these dipping bowls are simply adorable! Besides using them for dipping sauces, these will be used to attractively hold small amounts of ingredients while I’m experimenting with recipes – for photography purposes. They will look so cute holding salts, herbs, and other things. Dual purpose! I paid less than $2.00 for each.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright January 2018.

These ramekins are amazing. I have plans to try some Paleo dessert recipes out this winter, and I wanted something cute to photograph them in. These will work perfectly, and the set was only $11.52. They can also be used to serve ice cream or small bowls of cereal in, and may even help me with portion-control of other foods.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright January 2018.

And check out this set of four pie plates. I want to learn to make Paleo pot pies, and I needed some mini pie plates to make them in – because I’ll want to freeze three for later. These pie plates will be perfect! And yes, I will likely make Paleo dessert pies as well. Who wouldn’t!

This set of four, put out by the Pioneer Woman if you hadn’t already guessed, cost me $15.88.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright January 2018.

I really needed cutting boards but didn’t want to spend too much on ones that would just take up too much space in my room, so I bought these instead. They will serve the purpose for now and, when I get into a bigger place and can store the ones I want, I will pass these on to my daughter. This set of mats was $4.64. Not a bad price at all.

And the teas were a gift. You can never have enough tea.

Photograph copyright January 2017 by Shannon L. Buck.In case you missed my earlier blog post, I also purchased meal prep containers in different sizes at very reasonable cost. I do meal prep for work.

There you have them, my gifts for me! It’s so much fun to buy yourself something once in a while.