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Tips for Packing Affordable School Lunches

School will be starting up again in just a few weeks, and parents are wondering how to affordably pack a nutritious lunch to send along with their children. These tips will help you to spend as little money as possible on foods for your children, important with the economy as bad off as it is […]

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Easy Apple Tuna Salad

It is coming upon that time of year again, when we start eating more salads and lighter fare than we do during the autumn and winter months. I will start posting new salad recipes as I create them, but wanted to share one that my daughters liked when they were young. Ingredients 1 can water-packed […]

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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015 http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shannonbuck

Zowie’s Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Zowie, my 17-year-old daughter, has her own favorite turkey day leftover recipe. Today, after eating a full Thanksgiving meal at 4:00, she was ready to make her sandwich at about 7:00. Ingredients: leftover turkey 2 slices of bread leftover mashed potatoes shredded cheese mayo leftover gravy Shred some turkey. Place the turkey on a slice […]

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Lunch Sack Ideas

Lunchbox/Lunch Pack Recipes

Here are some possible ideas for your children’s school lunches, or for your work or school lunches. Tortilla Roll-Up Ideas (I make Paleo tortillas): (In each of these, you will spread the ingredients evenly, or lay ingredients flat, then roll it up. Place in container and slice if desired – be sure to slice things […]

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