Melon Parfaits

I enjoy my parfaits with vanilla or mint flavored coconut cream when consuming them as a snack or dessert, but can also be used as a side at lunch or dinner. This is a refreshing dish to have on a warm day.


1/8 cup diced cantaloupe

1/8 cup diced honey dew melon

1/8 cup diced watermelon

coconut cream flavored with pure vanilla or mint extract

1 tsp crushed almond slivers or unsweetened coconut flakes

  1. Place a tablespoon of cream at the bottom of a tall, clear glass.

  2. Put the cantaloupe into the glass, and top with another tablespoon of cream. Spread the cream over the cantaloupe.

  3. Add the honey dew and spread another tablespoon of cream over diced melon.

  4. Add the watermelon, and add more cream.

  5. Top this with a teaspoon crushed almond slivers or unsweetened coconut flakes.


  • Top with berries rather almonds or coconut flakes.

  • To save money, grow your own melons and berries.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve parfaits with a casserole.

  • Serve in place of salad with meat and sweet potato meals.