Stocking Up

Every January I order stockup food, and I hope most of it will last until summer. I did this late last month and have noticed that much of the items are taking longer to get here than in previous years.

Anyone else notice their Amazon orders are taking longer than usual?

That’s not to say that some of the items didn’t come in after just a few days, but many others are taking two weeks or more to get here.

Anyway, I am also going to order canning jars from Wal-Mart, because that’s how I plan to store all the food I bought from Amazon. Usually I just leave things in there original packaging, but I think my food shelves will look better if I use the jars. And this will help in my organizing efforts as well.

So, I’ve ordered these items:

3 pounds Organic Almond flour

4 pounds Organic Coconut flour

.02 pound Sea Salt

8 ounces Cacao Powder (Trying this for the first time.) (Will buy more if I like it.)

14 ounces Ground Flax Seed

10 ounces Slivered Almonds

4 pounds Organic Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

2 Paleo Pancake Mixes (Trying this for the first time.) (Will buy more if I like it.)

2 packages Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (Will not last until summer.)

56 ounces Organic Coconut Oil

16 ounces Organic Maple Syrup (Will not last until summer.)

3 pounds Raw Honey

3 small jars Almond Butter

3 jars Cocoa Bliss

At the grocery store, I bought: (These will not last until summer)

2 dozen eggs

Organic Almond Oil (Trying this for the first time.)

Sesame Oil (Trying this for the first time.)

5 pounds Potatoes (Trying this for the first time.)

2 pounds Butter

1 bag Organic Popcorn Kernels

1 pound Ground Beef

1.25 pound Stew Beef

1 pound Ground Sausage

From Misfits Market

Fresh Organic Parsley to dry (This will not last until summer.)

1 Organic Fennel, drying the herb part

1 Whole Cloves package Organic

1 Organic Cinnamon

It was a pretty penny for all of this, for sure, but I used my income taxes to pay for it. Like I said, I do this every year, then I replace items as I use them. Eating mostly organic does cost more, and I don’t pretend to eat organic all the time. I do the best I can, when I have the money. I also live alone, and am only buying food for myself. And my Misfits Market organic produce doesn’t cost much more than regular produce at Wal-Mart.

I feel good about having a good stock of food, and can’t wait to get it all organized on the shelves.

I am trying to get back to the healthy eating, at 80% of my food intake being Vegetarian/Paleo/Whole30. Super healthy most of the time. Having these items on hand will be helpful.

Most of my food dollars for the next 4 or 5 months will be spent on fresh produce.

What does your healthy pantry look like?

~ Shannon







New Year Goal: Organize

Yesterday I posted a New Year goal about how I’m getting back to eating healthy after getting off track during the holidays. Today I want to let you know about another goal, and my theme word for the year.


Yup, by the end of the new year, I intend to be far more organized.

And not just in the kitchen or with cooking. I’m going to be organizing most aspects of my life. This is huge for me, as I’m not an organized person. But it is necessary, especially when living in such a small space.

You see, I rent a room. In that one room, I have sections: Bedroom, living room, office, pantry, kitchen. I’ve started the process, but still have a long way to go.

For the kitchen/cooking/pantry part of the organization goal, I’m looking to streamline some things, and to get things in order.

  • I’m turning my closet into a pantry. This closet is not huge, but it’ll hold cleaning products, personal hygiene needs, and food items.
  • I would also like to get a cabinet to put next to my door that will be a party of the pantry system.
  • I’m looking for a way to organize my spices and cooking/baking utensils so they don’t take up cupboard or counter space. Any ideas?
  • I want a couple of drawer units and a cupboard unit for dishes, cookware, etc. It can’t be too tall, because my toaster oven needs to sit atop the units. I’m thinking cube units will be the most efficient way to go.
  • I also want a new dorm-size fridge. One with a separate freezer. The little freezer in my current refrigerator holds next to nothing, and doesn’t keep food frozen well. The freezer in the fridge that I want is a little bigger. I’ve already learned I don’t need much refrigerator space. This will save me money in my future home. I wont need to buy a huge refrigerator, and a small one doesn’t use a much energy. I’ll keep a spare in the pantry for holiday use.
  • Putting together a system for tracking the recipes I want to try, and the recipes and tips I want to keep, is necessary. Any tips for these projects will be greatly appreciated!

Are you looking to organize your kitchen and recipes this year? What are your plans? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Take inventory of the kinds of things you put in your kitchen and pantry. Is there a better way to organize things that will help to streamline your meal prep activities? What do you need to get to most often? And what do you need only occasionally? Make a list of how you might better organize these areas. Or draw a sketch.
  • Do you need organizers for the cupboards, drawers, pantry, and refrigerator? What might work in these areas? Make a list of things you can pick up to help get your space organized.
  • Print off a Master Inventory List.
  • Print off a Master Pantry Shopping List.
  • Go through all those loose recipes you have stashed here and there, and decide which ones you will really be trying. Organize them, and get rid of the rest.
  • Start organizing! Don’t wait, or you might not get to it. Plan to do something each week until you’re done, or plan a weekend to do everything.

Save money on organizers by:

  • Shopping yard and garage sales.
  • Utilizing clearance and other sales.
  • Checking out local thrift stores.
  • Shopping at the local dollar stores.

Happy New Year!


Quick Tip: Storing Coconut Milk

I use quite a bit of coconut milk. The milk is good in smoothies, and I use it in other recipes. Usually, I buy this milk in cans and, being the only one I prepare meals for, I tend to use only a half a can of milk at a time. So I pour the remainder of the milk into a small canning jar and store it in the refrigerator. I do not like to store items in their cans once they are opened, so I keep plenty of different sized canning jars on hand.